Hi! My blog got its start in 2013 under another title. I love to write and over a period of time I realized what a great thing blogs are. Think about it this way. Where can an ordinary person find a forum that allows them the freedom of expression with so many possibilities. It’s like talking to yourself and seeing it on paper. The thought came to me that one group of folks who are seldom heard from are sitting in the pew. Faithfully each week they come to worship, study and learn about the God they serve. They listen to others most of the time but what do they think and if they could what would they say to the Church. So I started to listen to what they , the layman in the pew was saying.  So the blog was renamed and continues to this day.

You always like to feel that people are reading what you write, call it ego or just a numbers thing. Truth is numbers don’t matter and that’s a good thing given the stats this blog has. No it’s the joy of expression, free expression that I love. One improvement I need to make is to be regular in posting. So I will work hard at one a week, posted on Sunday. Thanks for joining me in the pew and I hope you come back.

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