That should rise some eyebrows but before you read too much into that, let’s define who “them is”. We could say “them” is the failure of leadership to adequately defend and enforce the discipline. We could say that “them” is all those that for years have kicked the can down the road. We could say “them” are all those who over the years relied on slogans and special programs and valued inclusiveness and social issues over preaching and teaching God’s word. We could say that “them” are those with an agenda that conflicts with the teachings of the church.

We could say that “them” are those whose relentless pursuit to achieve their goal of acceptance at any cost with no regard or respect for others rights or beliefs are the cause of this mess we are in. Well I am not going to drag this out. “THEM” is best described, and I take a line from the old comic strip Pogo…. “we have found the enemy and them is us.” Them is us, you and I sitting in the pew week after week and letting this go this far. The issue here is about the word, about that which is God’s command to live a Holy Life because he, Our God is Holy and he desires we be Holy.

I wrote a blog in December of 2015, “A Journey To Stay In The Pew” .
My journey took me to different pews where I experienced different doctrines and denominational practices. I have moved on now and sit in a different pew. It has not been easy to leave my church family of over thirty years but in the process I have learned a valuable lesson. We are all God’s children, adopted into the family of God through the ministry, crucifixion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Those who believe and try to live a holy life sit in many different pews. I thought of all kinds of scripture to make my point, but the simple fact is this. “I believe the Bible to be given by divine inspiration, inherently revealing the will of God concerning us in all things necessary to our salvation.”

Thus changing the meaning or intent of God’s word through debate or any means to meet changing moral standards is not what I believe God would have me do. The words in quotes above are not mine, figure out where they came from and you will know what pew I am sitting in.