This has not been a good week for our nation. Old wounds have been reopened and we now know that the reality is they have never completely healed. Truth is there can be no healing as long as hate is allowed to remain and continues to fester in men’s hearts and there are those among us that use this hate to advance their agendas. It is worth noting that a large percentage of people are in church on Sunday, somewhere. I am seventy-four and have over the years had a front seat to see and experience the social and cultural changes in our society pertaining to race. We have come a long way, but unlike the Israelites, we here today have yet to cross the river to the promised land. Our bible study class this past week has given me an unusual perspective on where we might go after the events of last week.

Acts 27 tells the start of Paul’s journey to Rome as a prisoner who has demanded the rights of a Roman citizen to be judged by the emperor. Winter was not the best sailing time in this part of the world but the owner of the ship sailed anyway because he feared a loss of profit for his cargo if he delayed any longer. They encounter a savage storm and all hope of survival was lost. I would point you to verses 21 -26, here in chapter 27. They had all been without food or sleep for a long time. There is no hope and these seasoned sailors know that and in verses 22-26 Paul shares a startling fact with them. An Angel to the God I serve has come to me and said that I must not be afraid. God has ordained that I, Paul, must stand before Caesar. The Angel has said that the God I worship and belong to has also granted to me all that sail with me. Men, we will lose the ship but there will be no loss of life.

Folks, if we liken our nation’s journey last week and the weeks to come as one of sailing on uncertain seas……it might be worth our while to be among those whom serve God. We should spend our time ahead praying daily for God’s wisdom to be with those who would lead us. Let us be in church on the sabbath, praising and worshiping the one true God. May we feed the hungry, clothe the needy and find shelter for those who are without. May we love those who hate us and may we learn to forgive all, just as our Father in heaven does. May we extend “The Umbrella of God’s Grace” to all creation.

Thanks for joining me

God Bless