(As I continue to recover from recent heart surgery I have time to watch the news a bit more. Just a short blog on a topic that is in the news now. jk)




Definition of collusion:secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose / acting in collusion with the enemy.

How in the world did I tie Christianity in with such a negative action? Christianity, the belief in God and the ministry and purpose of Jesus Christ, is viewed by many throughout the world as having no place in their social order and is considered to be disruptive because of its beliefs and practices. It is the enemy and even banned in some places in the world. We of the Christian faith are destined to have many enemies, scripture confirms that. Over the past decades we have seen the Bible removed from our schools, prayer discouraged and in some instances forbidden. We have seen our faith attacked, suffered ridicule because of our beliefs and family and friends turn from us because of our Christian values. I could list any number of instances that prove my point but all you have to do is read, listen or watch the news to confirm what I have written here so far. To some people, governments, organizations and the progressive movements with agendas to push, we are the enemy. Take a moment to consider this. Do you have a deep abiding faith in Jesus Christ that governs your life and sets the values you live by? Does your behavior exemplify  that belief? Do you seek ways to share the good news with others? Do you attend church regularly, refuse to accept cultural and social norms that  are in opposition to your Christian values? If you have answered yes to these few, then most likely you are guilty of collusion. 

  Definition of Christian Collusion: acceptance of Jesus Christ as our savior and Lord.  A commitment to live a Holy Life and colluded with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to share the “good news” preaching the gospel to the world.

Are you Guilty?

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