Here is Friday, Good Friday to be exact. There has been much written about this day, “Good Friday” and the heartrending events of it. The brutality, the pain, the single-minded purpose of the Jewish leaders and even the Roman government’s representatives who tried to avoid this crucifixion of Jesus.  The endless speculations, brought forth in commentaries as to who and how many were present at the cross. The intriguing debate about  if  there were three women or four there and of course John, the beloved disciple and Jesus’ calling out to him. Another aspect that is sometimes overlooked is the fact that the soldiers Jesus was turned over to at the cross were more that just ordinary soldiers, they were hired killers and given the abuse to Jesus prior to the crucifixion and what we know of  Jesus being put on the cross, they had to be men of little remorse and no empathy for others. Good Friday, followed by a day of silence and then the glory of the risen Christ. Hope renewed, victory over death and the salvation of the resurrection.  He is Risen!!

I would like to look at Hebrews 10: 11-18. In these verses the writer to Hebrews points out some things we should be mindful of this resurrection day. He points to the achievement of Jesus. The priest’s sacrifices are made over and over again and yet they seem to not be effective.

Every day, as long as the Temple stood, the following sacrifices had to be carried out (Numbers 28:3–8). There was a burnt offering, along with it a food offering and there was also a drink offering. Also added to these was an incense offering. Added to all that was the daily food offering of the high priest. It was a treadmill of required practices that had to be kept up day in and day out. There was no end to this process.

Jesus made a sacrifice that never could or would be needed to be repeated. Jesus’s life was a perfect example of obedience, even to the cross. We miss the point if we do not realize that the only sacrifice God desires is obedience. Jesus was not a martyr, his life and death exalts him above all others. While the priests stood and presented offerings, and act of servitude, Christ sits on the right hand of God, a position of a monarch and awaits the finial triumph over his enemies. Of course there is the power of God, but the writer of Hebrews leaves us to see that it is the love of God that will conquer in the end. We are left with a quote from Jeremiah 31:34

“…..For I will forgive their wickedness

    and will remember their sins no more.”

“Because of Jesus, the barrier of sin is taken away forever.” (Quoted from DBS, William Barclay)

Easter Sunday, a day of celebration and hope, He is alive, the Risen Christ. No more needs to be said……..


Next week join me here in the pew as we return to Hebrews 10:19-25.