These verses are sometimes referred to as one of those enduring stories we find in the scripture and after a closer read we find some lessons we often overlook. Late in the day and on a long and dusty road toward Emmaus two men were discussing the events of the day.   Their grief and disappointment were so great that they failed to recognize their savior when he approached them. Do we not at times allow our sorrows in this life to hide God’s glory from us?  Focusing on their grief and feeling that their hopes died on that cross, they felt their lives had lost all meaning.‘We were hoping that he was the one who was going to rescue Israel.’ If we allow ourselves to ponder a moment here we can see what the followers of Jesus were failing to see. In bad times and when we are bewildered and lost, it is only through Jesus that we learn what life means. Our creator, our savior, our God, has given us the gift of free will and we can use it to invite Christ into our lives or pass him by. Another lesson hidden within this story is the power of the ordinary . The men had been walking and talking with Jesus for some distance and still did not realize it was the Lord. That realization came to them in a very ordinary situation. It was an ordinary meal in an ordinary house with an ordinary loaf of bread but it was as Jesus was breaking the bread that they suddenly realized who this stranger was. The Christian lives in a Christ filled world and with Christ our lives transcend the ordinary. We can also look to the behavior of these two men when they realized what had happened and who was speaking to them. They immediately started back to Jerusalem, seven miles away because they could not wait to share the good news with others. The good news of Jesus Christ is meant to be shared with everyone. The power of the message is released through sharing with others. One of the great glories of Christian fellowship is sharing our experiences with those of the faith.

One final word about these verses. These two men were blessed to be in the presence of the Lord and from this story we learned it all came about because they invited him into their home. What about you? Will you invite Christ into your home, your heart and your life?

Life is Good