The events of the past few days leaves us wondering how such evil exists and where we have failed as a nation and a people. The politicians stand on the bodies of the dead and wounded and assign blame to gain political capital. The Churches pray and light candles, call for the people to return to God. The people, well some will parrot their political beliefs, there will be those with an agenda and those that just wish to enhance their public notoriety but the people, the ones who live ordinary daily lives, just want all this hate and violence to stop. Suggestions and solutions will be abundant in the coming days and for months but for Christians it is a time to remember who we are and what we are called to be.

Throughout all history God’s written word has served as a faith strengthener in times of uncertainty, a source of comfort and a place of peace and hope for the days ahead. We literally must seek comfort, direction and peace by returning to God’s word, we must reject the words of negativity and hate that are so prevalent in the discourse of the day. It is important that we remember God will determine what must be done. Did not our God determine to make a world, create man and woman, that he God, would be manifested in the flesh, know death and be resurrected? Did our God not determine that the Gospel should be preached in all the world? All of God’s counsels and thoughts for his people will be accomplished in his time. Seek his counsel, pray that the Spirit will be among us and the peace and assurance of our God be upon us all. We were once a Godly nation and our actions of late show us to be a nation whose path is taking us away from our God. We have only to look at God’s chosen people the Jews who because of their unbelief and rebellion were put aside and God sent his only son into the world with a message of salvation to those who repented of their sins, giving all people who did such the promise of life everlasting. We too are now heirs to the throne through the body and blood of Jesus Christ, we have been adopted into the family of God, so to speak.

It is important we realize that our God is a God of constant presence. He sees all and knows all, his eye is on all his people. Our God knows what is on our minds and what is in our hearts. Those who enact  and enforce the laws we live by, those in position of wealth and social standing need to know that without the protection of God, there is no time in which their might may not be turned into weakness, their wisdom into folly, and their dignity into disgrace. We all should understand that our God watches over us all and to them that fear him, there is hope in his mercy. Our God is everywhere, in all things and we place our trust solely in him and not the powers and things of this world. We rejoice in his presence in our life and find no peace or value of such lasting permanence anywhere as comforting as that at the foot of the cross. We are and will always be dependent upon our God for there is no shame or weakness therein. We must endure in the faith, or lose our very souls to the evils of the day.

Life is Good