We find ourselves in a time of turmoil and uncertainty in these days and the days ahead are of concern for all of us. The writer of this psalm finds himself in a time of severity. This psalm begins (v. 1a) and ends (vv. 19-24) with expressions of trust in God throughout. There is the frequency of alternation between petition and trust which in some ways mirrors our own uncertainty amid this virus pandemic. Some credit David as being the author of this psalm but others point out the possibility that it was Jeremiah who proclaimed in his book that much of his faithful proclaiming of God’s word has disrupted his life. The writer asks God for deliverance and guidance. (vv. 1-5) Declares himself to be against idolatry, and confides in God, who has given him liberty, security and stability. (vv. 6-8) The anguish of his soul, aggravated by opposition from his enemies, is matched by his physical ailments. (vv.9-13) He affirms his trust in God and in God’s timing. He asks God to deliver him from shame. (vv. 14-18) In vv. 19-22, he reminds himself of who God is and how good He is. He reflects on what He has done for him before in answer to his prayer. In the final verses, 19-24 he arrives at a place of personal confidence in God and encourages other saints of God to love the Lord. He is encouraged and knows that God will give him strength.

We find many things in this psalm that we as Christians can take comfort in. We can go to God and ask his help and guidance whatever our situation might be. Praising God and giving Him credit, remembering all he has done for us gives us confidence in our ability to be secure and stable in an uncertain world. We are free to express our anguish at the troubles of this life trusting in God to deliver us. We can give thanks for the assurance of the goodness of God in our life, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Lastly there is the joy of sharing these things with others of the faith. God will prevail, His will be done. We can repeat the last two verses of this psalm with conviction of faith and trust:

23 Love the Lord, all you his saints.The Lord preserves the faithful, but abundantly repays the one who acts haughtily. 24 Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord.

Consider this….The psalmist knew that the real meaning of the gospel is in constant conflict with most of the customs and attitudes of his day. For those of the faith today it is no different. Part of the excitement of living a Christian life is that there is an adventure and challenge in every day because we never know what, when and how our faith will be challenged. As an added note God’s faithfulness and steadfast love enables us to be strong, have courage, which enables those around us to keep the faith and wait for the Lord.

God Bless, Happy Mother’s Day

Life is Good


Resource Materials:  The Bible Panorama / New Interpreter’s Bible Volume IV