We will also break this chapter down into three segments. In verses 1-7 the Edomites are to be spared and as we move into verses 8-23 two more the Moabites and the Ammonites are to be spared. To close out this chapter verses 24-37 specifically instruct that the Amorites are to be destroyed. We will start by having a closer look at …..

Verses 1-7.

We found that only a short account of Israel in the wilderness is given. God deals with them by pointing out their murmuring and unbelief but works to prepare them for Canaan. He does so by humbling them for their sin, embarrassing them for their lack of enthusiastically following God’s directives and seeking comfort in him. Although Israel has been long in waiting for deliverance and growth, it is coming at last. But God had another lesson for them to learn and understand. They must forgive their enemies in Edom. They must not use the covenant as an excuse to seize all they could lay their hands on. Religion must never be used as a cloak to hide injustice, they must not take from the Edomites because the people of Israel have a God they can depend on. We should never use questionable means to obtain what God has provided and to do so with great joy, for it is by divine providence that God gives us what we need.

Verses 8-23

We read in these first verses the origin of the Moabites, Edomites, and Ammonites. Moses also speaks to something older than these. He tells of the Caphtorims and how they drove the Avims out of their country proving what uncertain things worldly possessions are. The world and its people change, there will be decrease and there will be increase, there is no earthly guarantee of continuance of things as they are. Then an unusual turn. They are cautioned not to meddle with the Moabites or the Ammonites. This is a good example for us to ponder over. God gives and preserves outward blessings to wicked men; these are not the best things, he has better in store for his own children. (Matthew Henry)  Sometimes we are concerned with other people, are resentful of their life when we should be celebrating the fact that God has much better things for his people. Leave judgement and justice to God.

Verses 24-37

God forbids the people to mess with the rich countries of Moab and Ammon. He gives them the possession of the country of the Amorites. It is plain that by not doing what God forbids, we will retain our obedience. One basic truth we sometimes overlook is that the earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof. He can do what he pleases, with it and give whatever part of it to whom he pleases. God has assured the Israelites that the land should be theirs but they must contend with the enemy therein. What God gives we must endeavor to get. There is a whole new world waiting for Israel, a land that will bring much joy. To better understand this we must consider that we, today, are wandering in a wilderness of sin and carrying our transgressions as we travel on this earth. Just like the Israelites we too will leave this wilderness to a better place, we also have a covenant, the cross and our Savior’s resurrection. We must be earnest in keeping the Spirit within our hearts for we will be spared the wrath to come. This inheritance cannot and will not be affected by revolutions of this world or our world of earthly possessions.

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Study Materials: Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Bible