We of the community of faith, the Christian community throughout the world have our faith tested each day in the trials and tribulation of any given day. But we do have one blessing that is constant, that being our God and his unfailing love and mercy for us, His children. He is the one living God, our salvation and hope. The Song of Moses speaks to just that.

The debate about one God or many is found throughout the Old Testament. It travels within abstract debate, theories and speculations. These give rise to the question of a single, all powerful divine God that will control the universe. In The Song of Moses, the sovereignty of the Lord God of Israel is majestically put forth. The question of other gods, demons, idols and no gods become irrelevant. Also there is our introduction the theological impact of monotheism… God is one and there is no other who is comparable in power or purpose. There is an interesting paradox here in that this song does not declare a monotheistic faith, as it does often refer to other deities besides the Lord God of Israel. The primary insertion of different deities that Israel was repeatedly tempted to worship were the gods of the former occupants of the land. The point being made in this song is that these other gods are weak and powerless beside the God of Israel and must submit to the will of the Lord. It should be recognized that if other nations or peoples believe in or accept that their gods exist, for them it is so. One point of this song is to emphasize the absolute power of the Lord. Moses sets out to show the power of the Lord in all the history of Israel. Things sometimes went bad for the people because it was necessary they be punished, by the same token when things went good it was God showing his mercy to the people. In verse 32:27 other nations wrongly assumed that their gods were greater, more powerful than the Lord God of Israel. The song sets it straight, there are no gods greater than the Lord God of Israel. A minor theme is that each nation has its own deity, each looking to be more important than someone or something else. Scripture teaches us that only that which is divine has the power to create. None of the other gods have that power, being  limited only to their appearances and the misplaced faith of their followers. 

 We all have over time had a moment in which we pondered why does God let bad things happen? We can’t help but look at our situation today. There is no respect for others as to age, gender, faith, in general no tolerance for that which is different. Why has God let this happen? The song’s answer for the Israelites is that in time this will pass. Many of us this day have a lessening in faith that God is in control. Israel had to accept the fact that the divine will with the uprightness and loyalty of God’s children, along with the belief that Israel’s enemies were God’s enemies also and would be punished in His Time. To wrap this up it is best said that for us to maintain a sense of oneness and wholeness of our history and life experiences and the oneness of God is far better than being distracted by the rivalries between many different gods and their causes. There is only one God…. He and only Him is in control.

What is your song? To whom do you look? 

Life is Good