1 Corinthians chapter 15 has always been a favorite of mine, I call it the resurrection chapter. This week we will read a little closer the words of Paul and hopefully they will give you encouragement and hope. Be sure to read the highlighted verses.

1 Corinthians 15: 1-11

In the first eleven verses of this chapter the apostle seeks to prove the resurrection of Christ to unbelievers and oddly enough some believers who had some doubts. The very foundation of our faith and of Christianity, rests on the death and resurrection of Christ. We must have faith in the cross and in the empty tomb. Take this from us and we sink into an abyss of sin and no hope. It is by a firm faith in the cross and the resurrection that we of the faith will stand firm in the days of trial that lie ahead. Unless we keep the faith and believe in the gospel, all is in vain. Believing what you cannot see or have not seen is difficult in the world today, one of instant gratification. The truth of Paul’s testimony is confirmed by Old Testament prophecies and recorded testimony of those who saw the risen Christ. There is also the difference of the gift of divine grace. Paul was well thought of but he always had a low opinion of himself. It seems that when sinners turn from their old ways and by divine grace they are made new, there is always the times of remembrance of past sins that keeps them humble and faithful. It is safe to say and often remembered that Jesus Christ crucified and risen from the dead is the substance and power of Christianity.

1 Corinthians 15: 12-19

Paul is still answering the questions and attacks of others than the faithful, as to the resurrection…There would be no justification or salvation if Christ had not risen and would not our faith in Christ be in vain and of little use to us if Christ were still among the dead? If Christ had not risen from the dead we all would die in our sin…forever. Christ is our redeemer and in him alone lies our hope for salvation. Here is a thought that should resonate in this life this very day. The conditions of mankind at the time of the Apostles writings were not that good but Christians were hated and persecuted by all men. But they had the comfort and promise of the risen Christ and could find peace amidst all the persecution they suffered.

1 Corinthians 15: 20-34

In one of my sources for this blog there is the statement “There will be an order in the resurrection.” All who have faith in Jesus Christ can be assured by his resurrection they to will experience their own. The resurrection shall see Christ as the first fruits of the promise made followed by the redeemed and last will be wicked, who will stand for their judgement. Our salvation and resurrection will be because of our acceptance and following his will, then we shall live again in glory to him our savior. Much value can be added to fact that to live a Godly life is indeed better than conforming to those who find comfort in their ignorance and those who choose to live in sin, they should be avoided as to their behavior, but prayed for and helped to find Christ and salvation.

1 Corinthians 15:35-50

Questions are raised and answered. 

  1. How are the dead raised up? that is, by what means? How can they be raised? . 
  2. As to the bodies which shall rise. Will it be with the like shape, and form, and stature, and members, and qualities. 

Much has been written to explain this resurrection thing. There were many who sought to discredit it, those who embraced it and of course those who preached it. But there is no better way to explain this issue which was often challenged in the early church than the words written in the 15th Chapter of 1Corinthians verses 35-58. This will take but a moment of you time, please take this moment to do so, for the very foundation of the faith rests on the cross, the resurrection and Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 15:51-58

In time we too (the saved) will experience the pain of death. In one of my research materials there is an interesting point…we can calmly face the tomb knowing that we have the assurance that while our bodies may well sleep there, in the in-between time our souls will be present with the Redeemer. The other important point to be made is that we are to remain stedfast and firm in the faith. We must never lose our hope or expectation of the privilege of the resurrection, raised incorruptible and immortal.

We have the power by the presence of the Holy Spirit to to live a life of joy and triumphant now and in the life to come.

Life is Good