They Gave All

I have really had to wrestle with myself…forgive…at this moment in time it is almost impossible for me to do that. I call myself a Christian and then the reality of that is while I do have a choice, the God I serve leaves me no wiggle room on this. It is here that the picture of the cross and the image of our Savior hanging there, for all who have sinned…you see, Christ said your sins are forgotten. I have been reading what the Bible says about forgiveness and I discovered that this thing of forgiveness to be complete requires we forget the sin also.

So this is a reminder that to follow Christ, to be called a Christian requires that we emulate Christ, become more like him everyday….I thought I had found a solution to the problem…I forgive….but I forgot to forget

This Christian thing…It ain’t easy. Read Romans 12, it is only 21 verses. Join us again in the Pew tomorrow eve for our regular From The Pew Blog.

Life is Good