Unusual in a couple of simple ways, first of all there are no biblical stories or theology  as many of the books of the old Testament have, just simple tips to enjoy and live a full life.  The book emphasizes how important it is to listen to the folks who came before us and to have a sincere sense of humility. 

There is no dispute as to who wrote the major parts of this book from either the Jewish or Christian church. The prevalent thought is it was written by Solomon and is a work of Divine inspiration. What is inspiring is that these writings provide a guide by which all people can regulate their lives and are worthy enough that over the years they have they have been spread throughout the civilized world. What exactly is a Proverb? To a layman such as myself the simple truth is ‘its presents more than meets the eye.’ A short discourse that says a lot in a few words, built on wisdom of a Divine nature…. It is Divine revelation for the human soul. The purpose of Proverbs is best said by its author: 

Proverbs 1: 2-3

for gaining wisdom and instruction; for understanding words of insight; for receiving instruction in prudent behavior, doing what is right and just and fair…

It is counted as one of the books of Wisdom Literature and there are other books of the Bible that are designated as such.   First it should be noted that it is hard to define wisdom in a single brief description… It is a practical thought as to how the world works and the  behavior that allows one to enjoy life fully. Knowledge can be attained but wisdom is a Divine gift of God and is acquired through experience and obedience to God.

We as Christians in this world today are not much different from those in early biblical times. We are all seeking ways to live fully in a world we don’t completely understand. We might not admit it but we are constantly looking at ways to cope with this life by watching what works well for others, especially as to remaining faithful to Christ and his commands to us. Proverbs provides us with some short concise directions, or if you will some Godly wisdom as to the direction of our life actions. There were many gods during Solomon’s time and he like us , all humanity, has the task of observing life, recording their observations and then decide which path works best for them…another way of saying it would be that God gave us free will.  These people were in a hard place. The Jews believed there was only one God…Yahweh…there was no demons to blame their troubles or hard times on…There was only Yahweh who was all-wise and all-just. Enter Proverbs no biblical stories or theology  as many of the books of the old Testament have, just simple tips to enjoy and live a full life.  Proverbs are a part of a book that is still being written and they remind us also that life is both a gift and a task.

It has been my observation that people are not much at being told what to do. Do yourself a favor and read the book…. enjoy and live a full life. 

Life is Good