The rest of the story often gets lost in post holiday fatigue along with the tree coming down, the unwinding and removing of the colorful lights even that brief period of goodwill to all will soon get packed away as we return to the business of life in a busy world. You will hear in the days to come, in time of stress… “don’t worry…God has got this, God is in charge or God has a plan!” Allow me to introduce the first step of the plan, so to speak.It has a name and a purpose, it even has its own season on the Church Calendar. I welcome you to Epiphany. Epiphany is the season from Jan. 7 through the day before Ash Wednesday. It may include anywhere from four to nine Sundays, depending on the date of Easter. Don’t be confused, Epiphany is about preparing for what is to come, sorta like Advent was preparing us for the birth of Christ. In a simple layman’s train of thought and leaving the deeper theological revelations behind it is simply a time of hope and joyful revelation. The word “epiphany” itself means manifestation or revelation. To me it is when the world meets the baby Jesus, the Messiah. To Christians It marks the day Jesus was revealed to the world by the three Wise Men, Magi or Three Kings who followed a Star to the baby Jesus, where it all started…

Here in Bethlehem Christ is born in a stable and laid in a manger. Today this picture of the baby Jesus is etched into our minds. But there is something more here…because of the visit of the Magi, three wise men from the East, bringing gifts, we are introduced to God’s son, a living manifestation or revelation if you will…God incarnate in this little baby. At their best the Magi were good and holy men, who sought for truth. Church doctrine, various faith beliefs, biblical commentaries, customs and theological studies tend to muddy the waters some. A preacher once told me “don’t sweat the details” and it has proven to be good advice. Depend on your faith and the discernment of the Holy Spirit through a rigorous prayer life. We are at the door of a New Year and the Epiphany we face is the beginning of God’s plan through this baby Jesus to make everything new, a revelation of God’s power of forgiveness of our sins and the restoration of His relationship with his people through His son Jesus Christ.

This is my opinion, you are welcome to disagree. I consider these verses from Matthew 2:1-12 to be the first Revelation to be followed much later by The Revelation of John. Epiphany, a time of manifestation of what is to come….These few verses are often lost in the tasks of taking down and packing away the memories of this special night. Read Matthew 2:1-12, simple account of a visit that introduced the Christ Child to the world.

Have a Good New Year…Life is Good