I have always wanted to write and the last couple of years WordPress has given me that opportunity. I have no degree on the wall from any school of journalistic note and spelling and grammar are certainty not my strong points. I would have to say that Mr. Gates has been my saving grace and enthusiastic supporter. I should also thank the folks at Dell and the many support programs that allow me to write anything. It has been said that good writers write about things they know about, I have however never let that hold me back. I have written a book, a western. I like to think of it as a poor man’s Lonesome Dove. You won’t find it in the stores, never got that far but it is the first thing I ever started that I finished and for that reason I think it is a good read.

I have changed the blog name and boldly decided to once again write about something I don’t know about, well not as much as I should. My generation, I will be 70 this summer, has seen a great deal of change as did my parents. I could have said the world is changing but everyone says that and it is a fact that proves itself each time a new day begins. So what’s the hook here? The Gospel…for over 2000 years the content of the message has not changed. It has been preached, studied and debated and written in many different translations but the content has never changed. I think maybe because you cannot rewrite the truth. You see the truth is that to believe is as Mr. Webster says….

“In popular use and familiar discourse, to believe often expresses an opinion in a vague manner, without a very exact estimate of evidence, noting a mere preponderance of opinion, and is nearly equivalent to think or suppose..”

I hope you will join me as I move on from believing to faith through “a layman’s view of the Gospel”