“From the Pew” is my attempt to speak to church stuff from a layman’s view. I know few people read this stuff and I am not a theologian. The only thing I bring to the table is an opinion based on what I hear in the pews, people like me who are at a loss as to the direction our church is going and to be honest, a large dose of my own thoughts. Now the nice thing about this is you can comment or if you are totally ticked off, start your own blog. That being said, now a word about Dino and the rest in the park. One thing that got the attention of a few of the people caught up in this was the fact that somehow the dinosaurs had figured out how to reproduce even though they had been created in a manner that would not allow that. Only the guys in the lab could create life in Jurassic Park. Remember the actor from that other creation attempt gone bad, “The Fly”, well he saw it coming probably from the past movie experience. Point is the only creator of life that has Godly value is God. By now you should be asking what Jurassic Park and Same-Sex have to do which each other. Glad you asked, the answer is nothing!

One has nothing to do with the other but they do allow me to move to this thought. This same-sex debate that my church is caught up in is not about God’s will in my life or these folks judgement of what God intended to be. This is about asking me to put aside a part of my faith belief based on scripture I believe to be the word of God. It is about asking me to defile what I consider to be one of the ways I should live a Holy life that glorifies my God and accept a life style that he has said is wrong. Try asking that of some other faiths and see how far you get. If you have been paying attention up to this point you will notice that I have quoted no Bible verses. That is because I stand on God’s word and that is good enough for me. I will love you, pray for you and even defend your right to believe what you want to believe. Now go away and take this argument into the field of law, man’s law to be decided there. God has already put his law before his people and I am one of them and I approve of this law.