For those of us in the pews one of the best ways to remain strong in His will for our life is to be strong in The Word. With that thought in mind I will from time to time offer up some of the greatest chapters of the bible for your study and comment. Space and time won’t allow for a full look at what is in that chapter but I will highlight some of the more compelling sections, in my opinion. This leaves you with the task of reading the chapter and coming to your own conclusion; which was my goal all along.

This blog offers the book of Mark, Chapter 12 as one of the great chapters of the Bible. I will use as my first example “The Greatest Commandment” Mark 12: 28-34. Three points here.
-belief in one God
-whole-hearted devotion to God
-love of neighbor
See how both the scribe and Jesus have stepped away from the”us versus them”way of thinking that is so common in our dealings with each other today. The scribe recognizes Jesus as the great teacher; Jesus recognizes the scribe as a pilgrim moving toward the kingdom. Their lived out common devotion to God and neighbor silences the debate.

Next would be “The Widow’s Offering”, Mark 12: 41-44. This story poses the same challenge to readers today as it did in Jesus’ time. People usually think of giving to the church and to charities as an option. The money for charitable giving comes out of the surplus after personal expenses have been met. Those necessary expenses usually include many extras in terms of entertainment, clothes, food, and toys.

Two great stories from Mark, a must read chapter from the Bible.

Reference material / New Interpreter’s Bible / NLT