Get over it and move on! For all practical purposes this advice would apply to at least half of those who voted. We remain a nation divided pretty much downkids-dressed-like-cows-for-a-free-chicken-sandwich-2-6070-1436901248-8_dblbig the middle. With that in mind I have a 50/50 chance of your approval of this blog; even less considering less than fifty read this thing. Everywhere I have gone this week people seem to be in a hurry, not to get things done but to avoid a conversation that would lead to their involvement in public discourse on any subject. I kind of agree with that, if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing. Sitting in the mall and watching people go by you see the faces of a wide spectrum of emotions. The sad part is you see uncertainty even in the faces of the little children. There are more heads down than on a glass bottom boat ride. In our society today you might be a little concerned about someone who sits in a mall watching people, if not, thank you. But I do have to say I am concerned that I have nothing else to do.  Stopped for lunch the other day which was no problem, I was hungry and tired of sitting around. First thing the place was packed, both take-out lanes were full and inside reminded me of an ant hill you just disturbed. Everyone was moving and each one seemed to know what they were doing and where they were going. Now the folks on the front were overwhelmed as the line resembling a large snake broke into four different snakes each as long and hungry as the other.  I looked around and I was amazed! People were smiling, making room for each other and I even heard laughter above the din of everyone talking at once. Then, in what seemed no time at all I was at the front of my line and I was a bit worried at this point. I had actually enjoyed my time in line! In my excitement I ordered the wrong thing. Quickly, but not quick enough, I asked the person to cancel that order. Too late, but their reply was “no problem I will place another order and cancel that one.” Thank you, thank you very much. You ready? Wait for it……..they replied, “MY PLEASURE”. Take a quick look at the definition of the phrase.

 “My pleasure” is an idiomatic response to “Thank you.” It is similar to “You’re welcome,” but politer and more emphatic. Use it in formal conversation when someone thanks you for doing a favor, and you want to respond in a way that tells them that you were very happy to help and that you enjoyed it. You can also use the longer form, “It was my pleasure,” which means the same thing.

 People have spent decades working to get God and the Bible out of schools and really remove it as a staple of our culture. They didn’t just stop there, they also removed public prayer in certain places to be infringing on others rights. I will keep this short. What they have sought to do is to secularize our society and nation. The uptown word is “SECULARIZATION”. The greatest attribute of our nation was always our faith and that the God we severed made us better people.So is it any wonder that a first class business has for decades adhered to a standard of faith and service based on the founder’s Christian faith. Christ makes everything better! If I have made your day a little brighter or helped you see that every day is a day God has made, rejoice and be glad. I don’t have to name the place I was at you know it well, thank you!   “My Pleasure!”

No blog next week, see you in December. jk