Last weeks blog was about endurance, I had indicated that prayer was a big part of that and maintaining a relationship with God was of up-most importance. One of the devotionals I use on a regular basis is “Our Daily Bread” and I will draw from a recent devotion written by Arthur Jackson. The bible reading for that day was from Psalms 119. That Psalm and Adam Clark’s commentary are the seeds of todays blog.

Today we will be looking at verses 9-16 and 97-105. I recommend you read the entire Psalm, all 176 verses. Also you may find Mr Clarks commentary about these verses, especially the introduction interesting. How do we in  the world we have today continue to endure, keep the faith and be true to our God?  The Psalm we are studying today is remarkable in that it is in many ways a diagram of Holy Living. Adam Clark writes that all of the following are present in this Psalm throughout its entirety.

  • Testimonies;
  • Commandments,
  • Precepts;
  • Word;
  • Law;
  • Ways;
  • Truth;
  • Judgments;
  • Righteousness;
  • Statutes.

I never said that living a Christian life was easy and it might be that we at times in our passing reverence overlook the details. I believe that Endurance is nurtured by these things listed above. I realize that I am on a short limb with a crack in it but here is  another of my dirty little secrets of Christianity. Christians all over the world get up, clean up, put on their church face and go to their place of worship on the Sabbath. This is a time we celebrate our God and renew our faith and rejoice in our salvation. Simply put, we recharge our batteries and prepare to go out again praising God and sharing the message. You may not agree with some of the things I share with you today but that is alright. Being right with God, a favorite saying of the older generation is about living as Holy a life as you possibly can. Let’s take a closer look at Psalm 119: 9-16.

-consider the path we are now on and realize that sin separates us from God. We must study the word and through prayer discern what God has said and instructed us to do. We must make straight our path and preserve His way. Sin destroys mind, body and soul therefore we must do all we can to put it out of our life. We must not stray from a path of prayer and supplication, always seeking the good way, never allowing sin to separate us from God so that our prayers will not be in vain. 

-God’s word should dwell in our hearts and minds and actions at all times. The word of Christ should dwell richly in us. If God’s word is only in our  Bibles, and not also in our heart, we may well give in to the sins of this world. We should openly declare the consequences of sin so that others may realize the judgements that await them.

-As we gain strength in his word, living a Holy Life, we should rejoice at the happiness to be found in the path of obedience, giving our whole heart and strength to God.

-We must never forget what God has done for us, done in us, and the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Like wise we must be true to the covenant we made to live a Holy Life and the vows we made to our God.

The above could be a path forward if you wish, the good way which includes some of the things that will help us endure.

Continuing with verses 97-105.  Some had thought that this Psalm was written by Daniel but whether that is correct or not there is an  important lesson contained in these verses.

-Obedience and love for the precepts of Christ, in his commandments in which we should delight; so much so that they become frequent points of our meditation.

-The wisdom of God exceeds all others. The breath of the spiritual nature of God’s law can lead us to avoid all sin as the spirit of this wisdom continues to grow within us.

-How much better is life when we are in communion with our God. This spiritual closeness with God leads us into a path of obedience and thus his grace.

-We are reminded that Proverbs 6:23; : “The commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life.” 

God’s word is a candle which may be held in the hand to give us light in every dark place and chamber; and it is a general light shining upon all his works, and upon all our ways. (Adan Clark)

Psalm 119 shows us a path to “The Christian Endurance” , standing firm in our faith, our God and the promises of Jesus Christ.

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