Our study to this point has made note of the good ground. The soil being deep enough and soft here, the seed could find nourishment and there would be no weeds to keep it from a healthy growth that would bring forth an abundant harvest. The parable is for the hearers of the word and we can put them into two groups of hearers. It is easily understood there will be those who hear the word and do something with it but the word also has an impact on those that preach it. As with all things biblical there are always differences of opinion. Some say that a parable is too detailed for most of the hearers to grasp the lesson within, some say the interpretation of the parable comes from the preachers of that day. Someone had to recognize that sowing of the seed and it growth depended on other factors and those factors could be compared to different human characteristics and so, why not Jesus? We must acknowledge that in some ways a parable can be a warning and the fruit of the message depends on the heart of the hearer. If the hearer has hate in their heart and are determined not to hear the truth then they will not hear and accept God’s word into their lives. So who are the hearers that are warned in this parable? Some are those whose minds are shut to the word. No seed can be planted there for their minds are like the hard ground that has been tamped down by the many feet walking by. There are people who refuse to think things out or think them through. They grasp every new craze that comes along or a phrase I like to use, they are at the mercy of the program of the month. Their emotions are easily captivated by the loudest or newest social or cultural action of the moment. There are those that have so much going on in their lives that the most important things get pushed aside. Then there are people who are like that good ground Jesus speaks of. Their minds are open, they are willing to hear and willing to learn. These are people of humble hearts and whose minds are always open and they are prepared to hear. They are never too proud or busy to listen. These are the people who understand, they get the message and most importantly, they take what they hear and put it into action. They have three things that are important to living a Christian Life. They listen, they understand and they obey.

The Parables are told in such a way that they were meant to have an impact on those who listen but there was also an impact on the inner circle of the disciples. Now what follows maybe a bit hard to understand but this was a time of bitter disappointment and discouragement in the lives of these disciples who were closest to Jesus. Let’s take a closer look. To these men Jesus was everything. Now things were happening that confused and frighten them. They were having very little success, yes the crowds kept coming but so few heard or accepted the message and left with little change in their lives. Many came just to see and experience the healing powers of this man, Jesus. The sad thing is that after all this time the church experiences such, those that come to receive but don’t stay to give. The doors of the synagogue were closing and his bitterest critics were the leaders of orthodox religion, they were out to destroy him. Here they were facing a situation were whatever they did brought nothing but hostility and even worse little if any change in the crowd. I am sure that there were times of deep disappointment for these men but in the last analysis there is a clear lesson……the harvest is for sure! Those of us who have planted a garden know that not all the seeds bear fruit but we know there will be a harvest! This is a parable of encouragement to those who sow the seed, the word, the good news. Our world today is one of instant gratification, people seek quick results but the sowing of the seed and sharing the word of God requires patience, prayer, hope and in many instances it will be years before there is a harvest.

Two things we can take away from this week’s blog. There will be a harvest, will you be a sower of the seeds? Faith will unlock the truth within the Parable. 

Stay Safe, Stay Well, Keep The Faith

Life is Good