Chapter 8 is interesting as it gives us what we can expect in a relationship with God. Obedience continues in our study, with the reminder that all of God’s commandments are to be observed and followed. The basis bringing enforced by the Lord’s former dealings with Israel and his promises to them. It reminds of a need for the holy fear of God that encourages our obedience. It is better said in this way. The holy and reverent fear of the Lord motivates God’s people to worship him with their whole being. People who truly fear God will praise and honor him. They are reminded to look back on the providence and grace of God as He led them through the wilderness. The hard times which in some cases were an embarrassment that brought attention to their actions that were a deliberate rejection of God’s law. They should be mindful of the fact they had done nothing that would recommend them to this position of favor. They are reminded that they were given food and clothing even in their time of disobedience. They were not to look to dishonest means to supply their needs. Moses encourages them to trust the Lord for He is faithful to provide their needs. Again he stresses the rebukes they had been under and even then they did not go without. They must put the past behind them, look to Canaan which the spirit has filled with His gifts and graces. This is the good land, a land in which nothing is wanting and where there is the fullness of joy.

Moses calls to their attention the prosperous condition of the land, reminding them to give thanks in all things and to remember their benefactor. He then warns them that there is always the danger that  prosperity will give way to pride, forgetting God and having a strong sense of well being which can lead to carnal actions and thoughts. To embrace the world brings with it the anxiousness and troubled thoughts about the many things that are prevalent in today’s world. There is point to be made here. In many ways the poor recognize where the supplying of their needs come from. They seem to know that these things come from the Lord in answer to a prayer of faith. They have no difficulty in trusting him for their needs. Consider this…We all will experience changes and trials in our lives. Was it  Divine Providence, that placed Israel in the place they were now? Consider this…they will be better off as a nation and people who have been humbled and tried by their God. All of us have times that expose our weaknesses and folly and even for some, our depravity. Giving and receiving is a measure of our spiritual health. All of God’s gifts are the result of his plans for his people. Moses repeats the warning he has often given to the people, there are fatal consequences for forsaking God. Those who follow others in sin, will follow them to destruction. If we do as sinners do, we should expect to fare as sinners fare.

Join us in The Pew next week as we continue to study the things we as people of the faith should know and practice. We will be working in Colossians chapter three.

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