Psalm 96

Praise to God Who Comes in Judgment


O sing to the Lord a new song;
sing to the Lord, all the earth.

Sing to the Lord, bless his name;
tell of his salvation from day to day.

Declare his glory among the nations,
his marvelous works among all the peoples.


A new year will always bring the quick look back, the moment of wish I hadn’t or deep regret when we think, wish I had. For all of us there will come the moment when that golden orb comes sliding down bringing us back to the realities of the day among the horns, sparklers and hopes for a better year. For most of us hope does not recognize judgement and yet with the end of anything there is always that moment of judgement. 2020 has been a rough year….universally as well as personally. Joy is just a tear away and hope is only a thought without action. Christians cannot shy away from the horrors of the Cross, nor not be overwhelmed by the suffering of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thus there was God’s Judgement on this world and the sins of his people nailed to that Cross in the person of Jesus Christ. We will never leave behind the scars of 2020 until we learn to praise God for the judgement that brings hope, the tears that bring joy, a renewal of faith and a  the purpose of commitment.The Church has lost much in the past year and those who believe have been sorely tested by the harshness of the covid-19 virus and the evil of humanity that stains our world, our lives and those that are supposed to lead us.  

There is a wealth of theological information concerning the Bible and the New Year, various fixing of the date, customs, culture and anything inquisitive minds would like to know. But I like to keep it simple. After the ball has dropped, the fireworks, horns and other means of crude welcoming given the New Year…. Take a moment and seek the one who has made all things new, look to the wonder and power of God. In his name rests salvation, glory and greatness and be in awe of his Holy presence. There is honor, majesty, strength and beauty in that which he has created. These things have given the psalmist cause to praise Him. Worship the Lord, giving him the glory due Him. Worship him with a diligence that requires holiness and a deep sense of reverence. The psalmist reminds us that we are to witness to all nations the truth of God’s sovereignty, power, judgement and righteousness. All creation will welcome the coming of the Lord and his righteous judgement. It is then that we all we be judged according to his truth. 

The remaining verses of Psalm 96….

For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised;
he is to be revered above all gods.

For all the gods of the peoples are idols,
but the Lord made the heavens.

Honor and majesty are before him;
strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.

Ascribe to the Lord, O families of the peoples,
ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.

8 Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;
bring an offering, and come into his courts.

Worship the Lord in holy splendor;
tremble before him, all the earth.

10 Say among the nations, “The Lord is king!
The world is firmly established; it shall never be moved.
He will judge the peoples with equity.”

11 Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice;
let the sea roar, and all that fills it;

12  let the field exult, and everything in it.
Then shall all the trees of the forest sing for joy

13  before the Lord; for he is coming,
for he is coming to judge the earth.
He will judge the world with righteousness,
and the peoples with his truth.

I pray the New Year to come will be one of coming closer to Christ and every new day brings a us all closer to the truth.

Life is Good