The charges made here toward the Priests could well apply to us this very day. Our relationship with God requires strongly that we fear and honor Him in all aspects of our life. In these next verses God makes known through Malachi his displeasure with these Priests and the people in general. They were scornful of this rebuke and gave it no notice or respect even to the point where they seemed perplexed or bewildered by this message, even turning aside an attentive ear to what was being said. In this particular instance we are referring to the Holy ordinances which they attend to without reverence or concern. They leave such celebrations without concern for their future, their faith lacking action. Specifically speaking, their offerings are polluted and there is no reverence or fear of God, even from the Priests. These sacrifices offered make the altar contemptible and God is greatly displeased. Through Malachi Israel is commanded to call on God by praying for His grace and earnestly seeking His favor. Only God can lead them from this failure to worship Him properly and cease presenting polluted sacrifices and offerings. Even the Gentiles make acceptable offerings to God, but His own people profane His name. How so they ask? Sick stolen and lame sacrifices none of which meet the Holy Ordinances are offered in a way to deceive and demean the worship. Malachi brings to an end this chapter by plainly stating that such deceivers will be cursed. Malachi reminds the Priests and the people that God is a great King…one to be loved, honored and feared. His name is to be feared by all nations.

As we move on to chapter two we might ask ourselves if our worship is grounded in a faith that acknowledges the greatness of our God and is fed by, humility, love and our desire to honor Him in a way that others may see Him in us.

(Malachi 2:1-9) The priests reproved for neglecting their covenant.

These verses at the very beginning of this passage stress that this covenant of Priesthood is a true covenant of grace made with all believers, as spiritual priests. It is one of life and peace and assures all believers of happiness in this world and the one to come. Believers should consider it an honor to be God’s servants serving as His messengers. A priest should not keep knowledge from the people but keep it for them; not withholding but sharing. The people need to know the will of the Lord. Note, we are instructed to not only read and consult the word but we are to seek instruction and advice from those messengers of God for the maintance health of our souls. Ministers are called to work earnestly for the conversion of sinners; even among those who call themselves Israelites, for there are many of those  to be saved also. This only can be done by those ministers who preach a sound doctrine and live holy lives according to the scripture. There has been a falling away from this and people have been misled. The message here is very plain…those who walk with God in peace and righteousness and bring back those who have fallen away, such people honor God and will be honored by Him. Those who do not and despise Him shall not receive honor.

(Malachi 2:10-17) The people reproved for their evil practices.

These next verses speak to the sanctity of marriage and God’s intent for a man and a women. The messenger tells of God’s displeasure with the corruption of the marriage covenant, which He instituted. The wife is to be looked upon as a companion not as a servant. This oath of God between them is no to be trifled with. Why one women and one man? They are to come together, produce a Godly seed that will serve the Lord and live in righteousness and peace all of their days. They should strengthen their faith and spirit that they may be kept from the sins of the day. Men will rue the day they deceive themselves through sin, selfishness, disregarding the needs and welfare of others, when those needs conflict with their own passions and fancies. God does not abide in sinful behavior and these people deceive themselves. They ask where is the God of judgement? 

The Day of The Lord Will Come!

Life is Good