These last two years and now the early days of 2022 have been ones of great stress not only for those of the way but all the people of the world. Here in the USA we have seen over the previous years a decline in church membership coupled with disdain for our faith and a lack of respect for our beliefs which have gone as far as physical violence against persons of the faith and destruction of places of worship. The church used to, so to speak, have a place at the table of social, cultural, and accepted behaviors, even going as far as to model some of them after biblical teachings. These two psalms are closely linked in vocabulary, themes and refrains. They both speak to in general terms of dangers, threats, anxiety, trust, and hope. These are common of all people all over the world for all time. Yes, these are quite common adjectives of things that occupy our minds but in today’s world I believe they have become an overwhelming state of mind for some of us. To use a phrase common these days…the new norm. People are losing hope and just the simple tasks of the day can suddenly become fraught with dangers, threats and anxiety and we have forgotten where our hope lies. 

We as a church, nation and its’ people have forgotten our God’s love and concern for his people. Look at our nation today… The church, and the people who profess faith in God, find themselves in a hostile environment that does not support the faith or affirm that our lives derive from or depend upon God. The church and its people have become resident aliens in our own country. Given the way we are now days, this self-grounded and self-directed the you can do it mind set, it’s up to you, is not enough. This cultural mantra in its cultural context ignores the Christian view that the most important thing we can do is hope in God and claim God as our help. Even Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane who was fully embodied in dependence on God, could not at that moment fully avoid a state of uneasiness or anxiety and neither shall we. The good news is that neither shall we be able to escape his steadfast love and faithfulness. Rejoice amid the uncertainty knowing that God loves you…Leave your anxiety and fears at the foot of the cross. I have posted here Psalm 42 and 43 for easy reference, Please take time to read from God’s word. Our Hope Is With God.

Life is Good


Psalm 42

Longing for God and His Help in Distress


As a deer longs for flowing streams,
so my soul longs for you, O God.

My soul thirsts for God,
for the living God.
When shall I come and behold
the face of God?

My tears have been my food
day and night,
while people say to me continually,
“Where is your God?”

These things I remember,
as I pour out my soul:
how I went with the throng,[
and led them in procession to the house of God,
with glad shouts and songs of thanksgiving,
a multitude keeping festival.

Why are you cast down, O my soul,
and why are you disquieted within me?
Hope in God; for I shall again praise him,
my help 
and my God.

My soul is cast down within me;
therefore I remember you
from the land of Jordan and of Hermon,
from Mount Mizar.

Deep calls to deep
at the thunder of your cataracts;
all your waves and your billows
have gone over me.

By day the Lord commands his steadfast love,
and at night his song is with me,
a prayer to the God of my life.

I say to God, my rock,
“Why have you forgotten me?
Why must I walk about mournfully
because the enemy oppresses me?”


As with a deadly wound in my body,
my adversaries taunt me,
while they say to me continually,
“Where is your God?”


Why are you cast down, O my soul,
and why are you disquieted within me?
Hope in God; for I shall again praise him,
my help and my God.

Psalm 43

Prayer to God in Time of Trouble

Vindicate me, O God, and defend my cause
against an ungodly people;
from those who are deceitful and unjust
deliver me!

For you are the God in whom I take refuge;
why have you cast me off?
Why must I walk about mournfully
because of the oppression of the enemy?

O send out your light and your truth;
let them lead me;
let them bring me to your holy hill
and to your dwelling.

Then I will go to the altar of God,
to God my exceeding joy;
and I will praise you with the harp,
O God, my God.

Why are you cast down, O my soul,
and why are you disquieted within me?
Hope in God; for I shall again praise him,
my help and my God.