All through the Bible we read of the peoples, government and Churches unfaithfulness and disrespect for God. We should realize by now that our God, one of mercy, grace and hope also is a God of Judgement. God’s wrath has been felt by many nations, peoples and in some instances even the Church. In the first three chapters of Micah we are made aware of the Judgement of Samaria, the Doom of the cities of Judah and a Denunciation of the prevailing social evils. The third chapter speaks to Wicked Rulers and Prophets. There is in chapter two a small respite in verses twelve and thirteen. In chapter four we find the possibility of Peace and Security through Obedience and Restoration promised after exile. Moving on to chapter five we read of the Ruler from Bethlehem and the Future Role of The Remnant. Today, I have chosen to look a little closer at chapter 6:1-8.

Back in the day I had a great aunt that was always telling me about how the church had changed. She bemoaned the absence of a good old fashion hell and damnation sermon. She said that “people needed to experience a good old fashion gospel tongue lashing…never hurt nobody.” Well, here in the book of Micah we  get that and then some. Our nation today and I guess it would be safe to say, the world is in bad need of a little divine intervention. What do we do? How do we seek the forgiveness of our God for this mess we made of his creation? What does God require? In the sixth chapter of Micah that question is answered. In verses 6-7 those things that were of much value in that day are offered up as perhaps something to offer God and be in his favor. I offer for your consideration today, Verse 8…. 

Micah 8   

He has told you, O mortal, what is good;

and what does the Lord require of you

but to do justice, and to love kindness,

and to walk humbly with your God?

As Christians there are the requirements of the faith…instructions if you will that are tossed aside to make way for a faith of convince that meets the demands of the day, socially and agenda wise. In a real sense the word requirements is really out of place here. The first few words of verse eight are far more meaningful…He has told you, O mortal, what is good… Please read Micah in its entirety. Next week we will continue in chapter six and finish the book in chapter seven. I plan to focus on the last three verses of this somewhat under read book.

Our nation and the world need now more than ever a good hell and damnation message, we need a divine intervention. 

Life is Good