For some reason or another there is a desire among some to just be like others, no reasonable reason, just want to be like others. In these scriptures there is a reason though not well thought out. They were unhappy with the conduct of Samuel’s sons and they believed that a change in government would do them well. They had assembled at Ramah to make known their grievances and petition for the appointment of a king over them, just like other nations had. They wanted their king to keep a court and appear among them in an exalted state of dignity, which to some would be sinful behavior in God’s eyes not to mention unfair toward Samuel who had always sought to be fair and should not be held accountable for his sons bad behavior. He had advised his sons to correct their behavior and always would hear the peoples complaints. He had always been a faithful servant to the people for many years. The corruption of the leaders had led to the demand for what they believed would be better. The Jewish people of that time were too blind to see that not being like other nations actually was their path to happiness.

Consider…they were under the immediate government of the Almighty King, he who had chosen them for his own people and possession. We also have to deal with the hurt it must have put upon Samuel to have been rejected after so many years of faithful service. When we have hard times it is a great relief to have a God of wisdom and love to turn to. Those who treat us unfairly, well we need to remember them in our prayers, not only to ask God to forgive them, but ourselves to forgive and love them also. Samuel sought God’s direction about this event and how to answer it…God answered Samuel’ prayer. To put it plainly God considered their insult to be more toward Him than Samuel. He was their King yet they chose to insult him as well as others ever since they came out of Egypt, yes…even Moses and Aaron were disrespected. These people had also sought other gods. They were an ungrateful lot. God told Samuel to grant their request before they turned to other gods but to solemnly warn them…when they come in prayer he will always hear and answer them but…  not expect kind returns from those who have shown their ingratitude to others before us. Samuel makes a faithful report of the Divine Message; warning them of God’s displeasure at their request. They were not considering that the establishment of that kingly government which their minds were set on would bring with it many problems. They were mesmerized by the pomp and circumstance of a Kingship, not thinking  they must bear the burden. One of the main concerns would be competing with the tabernacle of God, for another tenth of their wealth to support the grandeur of this king to be. Samuel went on to explain that when they did complain it would do them little good. Many times we do not consider that our unreasonable desires come with a price. In this situation it is simple and to the point… They who reject God are justly rejected by him.

We as a people have rejected Jesus Christ and turned from the will of God that was given to us by his Son. The condition of the church today is a testimony to our indulgence to be like everybody else, regulating God second to the pomp and circumstance of this world. There is no need to list the fallacies of   those who seek to change scripture or present it in such a manner that those blinded by their own desires and convenience will follow the world into the darkness of sin and despair.  We can do little to restrain the obstinate sinner. As it was with Samuel the kindest advice is sometimes liable to be misrepresented as selfish and designing.

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