We return once again to the Parables, This one found in Matthew 25: 1-13. Often referred to as The Parable Of The Ten Bridesmaids we find a much needed lesson in why the maintenance of our faith is so important to the covenant granted to those who believe. It is important that you pause here and read the above verses before you continue on.

The covenant through the blood of Jesus Christ and the Cross extends to those who believe and call upon his name that hey shall be adopted into the family of God and are entitled to all the rights and benefits given through the covenant. The Jewish custom concerning marriage contained three stages. Each requiring a set number of customary actions deep in tradition.

A- The Engagement


C- Marriage

This is a parable about being prepared, looking and waiting for that moment. It applies to us this day for we have had centuries of hearing the word, studying it and opportunities to live it. We have more than any generation had full display of God’s truth and in many instances we have squandered that and at are at risk of the door being shut. It will be no ones fault but our own. We can go back in time and many of us can remember a test in school we didn’t prepare for and understand that the time of the test is not the time to start preparing for it. There is the belief that we learn best in our youth but the Grace of God and the truth of the word are always available to those who follow these wise words.”Seek and Ye shall Find”. We must prepare for the opportunity or the door will be shut. There is another thing that we best learn from this parable. Salvation is not a group activity. Each of us will be held accountable for our actions. There will be no door pass, each of us will stand alone and be judged. We must prepare and be on the watch. For those that did not the door will shut.

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