How can you overcome or persevere through the uncertainty of these days? There are many stories of God’s people from the flood to this day who have stayed the course throughout the Old and New Testaments. The example of Jesus, our Lord and Savior and the power of God’s grace can be found in Hebrews, chapter twelve.  

In verses 1-11 the example of Christ is set forth, and the presence of God in all the sufferings believers endured, let’s start there. Their perseverance and obedience of faith in Jesus Christ challenges the Jews that believe with only two very real choices through which they will either win the crown of glory or find themselves in everlasting misery. That same race is very much a part of our world today. Sin is the most prevalent factor to how poorly or well we run the race, with no exception for whom it impedes…we are all susceptible to our own personal sin. If our own personal sin is not put away it will hinder our ability to run the Christian race. It weakens our will and gives power to every discouragement that can come against us. It is human nature to tire easily and fall short of our goal of winning this race we are in, even if it is only figuratively speaking, it is a test of our spiritual and faith endurance. Life and its every day trials can leave us faint and take from us the urgency of this race we are running. We must focus on Jesus and the agony of the cross, all he did for us and allow it to strengthen our resolve. We must think of him in our everyday life and activities and understand how small they are in comparison to that of Christ; or even others among us. We should remember as it has been written…he will never place more on us than we can bear. I am one that believes there’s such a thing as Divine chastisements, brought on my our earthly sins. Never make light light of these afflictions as they may well be the hand and rod of God…They are his rebukes for our sins. We may look around and wonder why others seem to sin and there seems to be no accountability for them. Take heart because God always corrects the sins of his children, he is our Heavenly Father and all correction is for our profit. Our God is not a God of condemnation, he is a God of restoration.We must learn to consider the afflictions brought on us by the malice of men and or our own sin, as corrections sent by our wise and gracious Father, for our spiritual good.

What next? Attitude perhaps…It is an understood fact that the burden of sin and its weight upon our mortal souls can cause us to falter, stumble and be with little spirit for the days ahead also leaving us in discouragement. The writer of Hebrews gives us some sound advice to keep us in the race and on course. Faith, patience and diligence allows us to follow our calling and run the race with assurance of God’s abundant grace. We must be at peace with all people in our pursuit of holiness. When we fail to seek this peace and comfort of God’s grace, sin can creep in and sins of the past can find renewal in our weakness and then comes the falling away from the commitment we have made. There are many that desire the blessing but are unwilling to do what is necessary to obtain them. We must never lose the truth that God never severs anyone from the blessing but he will not join such blessing to those whose goal in this life is to satisfy their own lusts.

Mount Sinai / Mount Zion

Sinai, associated in Jewish thought with Moses from whom God gave the Ten Commandments…concerning outward and earthly things. The Holy Law as given from Mount Sinai was to be feared and revered with no exceptions. Without a Savior even the most holy must despair, if judged by the holy law given from Sinai. The gospel church is called Mount Zion; there believers have clearer views of heaven, and find comfort for their souls. Scripture tells us that all children of God are heirs and have the privileges of the first born. There is a natural barrier that is present for all who still have a lingering eye for the lusts of this present world, whose pride and questionable behavior toward others would surely find themselves uncomfortable among these people. There is a word here for those whose life is beset with sin, it is the Covenant between God and the people, the Mediator being Jesus Christ. This covenant is intended to bring all people together and to God. It is sealed with the blood of the cross, shed for our sins and is freely given to those who repent. The blood of Christ speaks on behalf of sinners, asking not for vengeance but for mercy. This scripture encourages us not to refuse his gracious call and offered salvation.

God speaks to us from heaven, with infinite tenderness and love with the assurance of salvation. How can we turn from God who so longs for our reconciliation, that we may receive his everlasting love and blessings? There is grace in God’s judgement of his children and you may be assured that there will be righteous judgment of those who ignore his Law. In closing let it be made clear that our God is the same God under the gospel as under the law. The inheritance is assured to those who believe and with grace and perseverance run the race. Let us seek for grace, that we may serve God with reverence and godly fear.

Life is Good