Some things about Proverbs… Teaching by proverbs was an ancient way of teaching. It was the most ancient way among the Greeks. It was a plain and easy way of teaching and did not impair people’s abilities to understand nor challenge their memories.It was a very profitable way of teaching, and served well to inform and inspire. Because times are so uncertain these days we , those of us of The Way…need more than ever the certainty of God’s wisdom and grace. Here in Proverbs 2 we are taught both how to get wisdom and how to use it when we have it. We must not be those who seek and receive, then turn away from what God has provided …knock and the door shall be opened…enter and be strengthened. In that first chapter there were warnings against evil people and wisdom’s crying out to be heard. In this chapter we learn the value of wisdom. 

How might we obtain this wisdom? First we must recognize that the true wisdom of life is of God. Anyone who desires knowledge will today find it through study, experience and in all kinds of various forms in the digital world we now have. So how do we get there, to God’s wisdom? The true wisdom the Christian seeks will be found in the word of God. Proverbs 2:1-2…We must have assurance that the words of God are more than adequate for our wisdom and understanding. We must know that even with all the writings and words that surround us, it is divine revelation, and the true faith built upon it, that will lead us to God’s wisdom in all its fullness.The word of God has always contained commandments and promises and we should welcome them without dispute or murmurings of dissent. The words are like treasures to be stored up…These words must be retained, always on our minds and close to our hearts, keeping them near should we need them to strengthen our faith. We must take every opportunity to hear the word, listening with attention and seriousness. These things we must do to insure we have built our faith on solid ground. Prayer, the unceasing cry for knowledge, knowing that anything less will not prevail. Prayer does not have to be a thing of desperation. Make it a time of simple conversation with God…ask for the knowledge of truth that leads to its sister wisdom. Lift your voices to Heaven where the good and perfect gifts can be found at the foot of the throne. Raise your voice so that it might be heard in Heaven and submit your tongue to the command of Wisdom. Solomon prayed for Wisdom and he obtained it.

There is a practicality in Wisdom. Wisdom protects us from people of corrupt principles, whose profane actions seek to cloud our judgement and instill prejudices against our faith as they seek to strengthen their arguments for sin and Un-Godly behavior. There is the note that Wisdom will protect us from corrupt women…I would rather it read from the sins of bodily lust which pervert God’s will and intent…nuff said. Sin comes in many ways to distract from the path of righteousness. The Wisdom of good men and women can be seen in the way they walk in the faith…See that, emulate it, avoid the walk of a sinful person. We must not only choose our way in general by the good examples of the saints, but must also take directions from them, they are the examples of the road taken  by the Saints of old as well as those of the present. God’s wisdom is not easily found, you must to refer to a former command…seek it with all your heart, mind and being… Let wisdom enter your heart and savor the peace that will keep you from the evils of this world. 

My love of this book grows each time I visit it. In chapter 1 we had an invitation, a warning against evil and read of the call of wisdom. Chapter 2 presented to us the value of wisdom. I am not ready just yet to leave this wonderful book…so next week… Chapter 3…Trusting and Honoring God. Come back and join us in the Pew next week.

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