We have been instructed in the call of wisdom, the evils that would marginalize and keep us from receiving such wisdom, that which is of God. Today we move to trust and honor in Proverbs 3. Let’s break it down into five sections. The first being verses 1-6 concerning exhortations to obedience and faith.

Obedience to God’s commandments, and faith in his instructions to us will provide us with joy and peace, though our days may not be long upon earth, we shall live forever in heaven. Remember there is mercy and truth in God’s word and promises, He will not forsake us! Live up to his instructions, take interest in them…let not your heart be troubled. Seek His guidance in all matters, may our words be pleasant to his ears and our actions pleasing in his sight.In verses 7-12 we are encouraged to be devoted to His will, reverent and righteous in our action toward others. We should never consider ourselves to be greater than others, nor should we seek unto ourselves the wisdom  that comes only from God. The pain and sufferings of this world will be less when He directs our paths; so that our way shall be safe and good, and happy at last.

Moving to Verses 13-20 we are instructed to understand that there is no argument as to the value of wisdom being far greater than any earthly treasures or precious jewels. God’s wisdom must be a part of our every day business, any venture we are willing to be a part of. This type of wisdom can only be obtained through Jesus Christ and can only be found in a strong faith nurtured by prayer. This type of wisdom leads us to the path of peace and makes our walk a pleasant task. Believe in Christ because he will make good on all his promises. What must we do? The answer is found in Verses 21-26… to walk safely in his way we must use discretion and wisdom close at hand, never letting the word depart from us. Our life, here in our earthly being and all that belongs to it, shall be under the protection of God’s providence; the spiritual life, and all its interests, under the protection of his grace, so that we shall be kept from falling into sin or trouble. These last verses  give specific instructions of things to do and certain behavior traits that are signs of the humble believer. Our business is to observe the precepts of Christ, and to copy his example; to do justice, to love mercy, and to beware of covetousness; to be ready for every good work, avoiding needless strife, and bearing evils, if possible, rather than seeking redress by law. The last one here  speaks volumes to the state of a rather growing trend….We have become a Litigious people, unreasonably prone to go to law to settle disputes. Next is a little hard but we must never envy those who prosper even though it might be due to the oppression of others…instead we must as followers of Christ never choose the things they do. There will always be a divine favor shown to the humble believer.

I hope you have enjoyed this short trip into Proverbs and I encourage you visit this very powerful book often for inspiration and wisdom.

Life is Good