Welcome back, yes we are back again to Proverbs. Had a note from a reader that Proverbs 8 was one of his favorite chapters in this book; so I went to take a quick look and I couldn’t leave it at that. So this week we will run the chapter, we will break it down into four parts. 

It is Christ as wisdom who calls to the sons of men.The first set of verses from Proverbs 8 will be vv.1-11. Clearly Mosses and the prophets made known the will of God…but we will also find that will in the creation and fortified in the consciences of men. The problem has always been to get us to pay attention to the instruction given to us. As would be said, tis a pity, because the words of Christ will guide us to that saving knowledge of the truth.     When we open our hearts to understanding and are willing be to receive the truth in love, we will find that wisdom to be worth more than silver and gold. 

In the next set of verses vv. 12-21 we are instructed that wisdoms promises the good we have received and given have been laid up…saved not for just days but for eternity. It is in a way like Murphy’s Law…If there is a way to mess up our relationship with God, you can be sure we will find a way. There are some things God finds annoying and we would do well to note those. God hates pride and arrogance, evil ways and contrite conversations. These are some of the things that keep us from humbling ourselves and being awaken to his holy instructions. Even with this line-up, God found a way for our recovery. The true religion, I prefer to call it the true faith, gives us the best advice in difficult times, pointing out the best way to go. Truly happy are those who receive it in the love of Jesus Christ. There is yet more to consider. We must seek him early, seek him earnestly, put him before anything else. The love of Christ will overwhelm the believers and it will fill their hearts. The believer will be happy in this world but even more so in the world to come. Wealth of this world obtained by our own vanity at the expense of others will not last long…That which we do in christian piety and selfless charity will do well and honor our God. It is true…Christ by his spirit will guide all believers in truth and righteousness thus will we be happy in the glory of God hereafter.

Verses 22-31 says a lot in just a few words. Scriptures tell us that Christ was present at the creation of the world . Consider this…the son of God was ordained even before the creation and was destine to do great works. He will take great pleasure in saving sinners and the restoration of God’s’ people to salvation. Like a moth drawn to a flame lets be responsive and not refuse the mercy of Christ. Those who hear the voice of our Savior, pray daily, read and meditate on God’s word, will be blessed. Heed these words…those who refuse the word, find excuses to neglect the path to salvation will never obtain God’s favor or the grace of His salvation. We close out with verses 32-36.Those who offend Christ deceive themselves; sin is a wrong to the soul. Sinners die because they will die, which justifies God when he judges.

 What does wisdom say we should do? We need to listen to Christ as he calls to us, there should be an eagerness liken to that of a child seeing and hearing new things. We would be wise not to refuse such mercy and grace.